Catch ups with artist ALEX LEHOURS

by Alistair Boyd November 10, 2015

Catch ups with artist ALEX LEHOURS

There are few greater sights in the world than Alex Lehours getting his mural on.  It’s an all out assault on the senses; a cacophony of bold line work mixed with sharp colouring and layer upon layer of images that you are continuously rediscovering the longer you stare at it.

Fortunately, for the rest of us mere mortals, Alex really enjoys and feeds off an inquisitive audience and what better place for him to do that than the location of our most recent collaboration, the iconic Bondi Beach.
Despite the weather threatening to be as reliable as Sydney transport services, Bondi Beach served up a beautiful couple of days, allowing a great deal of foot traffic to walk by and interact with Alex and his work:  “It was really nice when people stopped and had a chat to me about the wall and art in general. The public’s reaction is great. A lot of people took the time to stop and have a chat or take a photo which is really humbling.”

We’ve come to expect amazing work from Alex these days and this latest piece certainly didn’t disappoint. In contrast with the incredible detail of his work, his motivation behind his work is actually rather simple: "When I decide on a concept for any piece I usually include all the interests I have at that particular time. Its almost as if I am trying to get everything out of my head onto a bit of paper, computer screen or wall, which a lot of the time wont make sense to the viewer, but that’s the whole point! I treat this wall like any other. Just stay true to what it is I do.”

For an artwork that speaks for itself, it does so in volumes. We would like to congratulate Alex on another amazing piece of artwork and thank Dulux Australia for coming on board as a project paint sponsor.

As always we cannot wait for the next project with this boss but in the meantime make sure you head down to Bondi Beach and check it out!

Follow: @alexlehours

Photography: Billy Zammit

Words: Alistair Boyd




Alistair Boyd
Alistair Boyd


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