Artist JASON JOWETT rocks Bondi Beach

by Alistair Boyd November 04, 2015

Artist JASON JOWETT rocks Bondi Beach

You never forget your first time. The nerves, the excitement, the feeling of “What the f*ck have I got myself into”!  Well the feeling was no different for our man Jason Jowett as he completed his very first mural right down on Bondi Beach. With the help of the awesome people at Dulux Australia we can safely say, what an epic piece it was!

As Jas stated “I always knew it was going to be hard work and it really was. The main difference between (doing) the mural and my normal routine was that if I stuffed up at home, I was the only person who would see but if I did the same thing in Bondi I had the general public watching my every move!”.

 We at Authority were never worried in the slightest and his nerves certainly didn’t stand in the way of creating something unbelievably, ridiculously good-looking! It’s bright, vivid and totally unique to the landscape and the surrounding artworks.

Jas style pulls from his profession as an interior designer and is self-described as “simple, monochromatic, urban and clean (portraying) emotion and atmosphere through simple shapes and lines”. Of this particular piece Jas wanted to design something more “interactive and related to Bondi utilising (his) interior design skills” so came up with this structural interpretation of the landscape of Bondi Beach in an interactive 3D room. He has certainly achieved his aim and much more.

Now that it’s all over and there for the world to see Jas has been overawed with the support he’s received from the public. Make sure you head down to Bondi to catch Jas’s work and remember to share it with the world!

On behalf of Authority and the rest of the Bondi Beach loving peeps, we would like to again thank Dulux Australia for supplying the paint and congratulate Jas and for his wicked mural.

 We can’t wait for the next one!

Follow Jason: @jasjowett

Photography: @billyzammit /

Written by: Alistair Boyd


Alistair Boyd
Alistair Boyd


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