by Christopher Skyner November 19, 2014

Conceiving an idea and conceptualising a finished piece of design can quickly make perfect sense in your head, but achieving this in your desired physical medium can wind the clock. When you enter that state of intricately planning the journey in your mind, there’s no one that quite understands the process like yourself, and I think that’s when I’m most focused yet being perceived as ignorant to my surrounds by others. But that’s what happens when your artistic energy grows thirsty. She drinks from your cup. I’ve recently made the move from Newcastle to Sydney, residing in Bondi. Luckily enough my brother and I scored a shed, initially housing a bunch of shit. Deprived of its own identity, we stripped and gutted it, and the once limbo stricken space has become mother to jewellery making, motorcycle building, blues, beers and darts. Productivity on the rise, we had a vision to create a space that would thrive as a hive for like-minded people coming together to build and create in whatever medium that may be. It’s providing a platform for collaborative intuition and future projects; hence the birth of the Authority Clothing x Julius Relic collaboration… What a perfect environment for a child to be born. I’m stoked to be a part of it. Photography: @OrdinaryStreet 


Christopher Skyner
Christopher Skyner


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