by Alistair Boyd March 30, 2016


There is certainly no deep, quasi-intellectual, mumbo jumbo meaning behind the name of Authority Clothing and Few & Far Collective’s brand new Pop-Up Store and Open Studio. Simply put, these two iconic Australian brands and long-time collaborators decided that the time had finally come to put our money where our mouths were, to provide a space in the physical realm, to give Joe Public a chance to swing by and hang out in a cool shop with some cool cats and talk about whatever they bloody well liked (and of course hopefully buy some shit)! Quite simply, it was literally just a case of Now or Never.

So when the opportunity presented itself, Chris Skyner of Authority Clothing and Steen Jones of Few & Far took the bull by the bloody horns. In less than three days and with the help of some amazing local volunteers, a dream was born, and (as to be expected) it was kicked off in serious style.

6pm, Friday the 11th of March, the doors swung open, and thanks to our friends at 42 Below Vodka the store was pumping until late that night. The Apple Jacks Cider was flowing, the tops of coconuts were flying and the beats were jamming. The ability to connect our brands with customers on a personal level was a real honour and one that we hope to do for a long time to come.

Overall the night was a huge success and we thank everyone who came along and helped make that happen. If there’s one thing we have learned from this whole experience it’s to listen to your gut whenever you get those three words ringing repetitively in your ear… Now or Never.

Come by and catch us at 261 Bondi Rd, Bondi.

Open 9am til whenever people stop coming in!


Alistair Boyd
Alistair Boyd


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