Sailor Jerry Tribute by STEEN JONES

by 1 June 11, 2013

So it all began six months ago when one we stumbled upon a small exhibition Steen Jones was holding at ‘The People’s Market’ in Collingwood, Melbourne. After meeting him briefly that day, AUTHORITY started following his work through his Instagram and Facebook. In which I have to say this dude has got down. You do not see many professionals in any industry posting a picture or a comment and receiving over 500 likes after a matter of 30 minutes. Anyhow, six months on we approached Steen and asked him if he would consider allowing AUTHORITY_clothing to collaborate with him on one of his up and coming ventures. Our 30 minute meeting with Steen ended up going for nearly two and a half hours. Our creative director Chris was absolutely blown away by how much this dude had going on. He not only works his passion as a successful artist, he is releasing a clothing line this year and collaborating with professionals well outside of the world of art and fashion, to bring innovative new products to the market. Talk about UNSTOPPABLE ! So as you can imagine we were stoked when Steen invited us to work with him on his ‘Sailor Jerry Tribute’ found at 81 Johnston Street. A Video of the project is being released soon but check out this amazing adventure through these amazing shots taken by

Natasha Tylee Film and Photography

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